Carpet Solutions Cambridge, Ontario, CA

Cut Pile Plush

This type of carpet is the most commonly used style when it comes to residential. The tops of the loops in the carpet are cut, so the pile stands upright with a level smooth surface. The yarns in the pile are created with a small twist that has been chemically or heat treated. This in turn, gives the look of the carpet a very soft and lavish look. This style of carpet shows temporary shading from footsteps and vacuuming. This is actually a feature of this style of carpet and is very appealing. When you need a carpet in Cambridge, Ontario, our excellent solutions can bring this style’s great features to your home.


Cut Pile Twist

Cut pile twist carpets are made with a more densely twisted yarn which makes the carpet look more textured. This style of carpet is a lot more durable given the twisted yarn and will be less prone to tracking marks from footprints and vacuuming.


Frieze/”Shag Look”

These yarn strands are a lot longer within the pile and this makes the pile rest in different directions, providing a deep texture and shaggy appearance. There are two main ways that the Frieze carpet is made, firstly, using thick and thin yarns and secondly using long and short yarns. This is what gives it that “Shaggy” look. This style of carpet in Canada is becoming very popular within new homes.


Loop Pile/Berber

Level loop carpets are constructed with yarns that are looped which are levelled and they are not cut. The yarn is threaded through the back of the carpet and back through again. These carpets are very hard wearing and extremely easy to clean. They are less likely to leave any footprints or tracking marks.


Multi-Level Loop Pile

Multi-level loop carpets provide a sculptured look. Different loop heights are used to make patterned designs, which include diamonds, squares and circles within the carpet surface.


Cut & Loop

Also known as “high low” carpets, they are produced mainly with cut pile with lines or sculptures of loop pile. This style of carpet in Cambridge disguises marks and soiling better than a plain cut pile. Cut and loop carpets are known to have areas of colour with distinct lines throughout the carpet.