Carpet Binding

Carpet Binding Services

Carpet binding is one of the additional services we provide here in Rocha Flooring Inc. outside the regular solutions we’ve always been known. Our expertise in carpeting allows us to improve the aesthetics of a typical floor covering, prolong the shelf life of your carpet, and liven up your interiors!

Better-Looking Carpets

In this service, we will sew the carpet’s edge to prevent it from unravelling or fraying. Hanging pieces of thread around the carpet usually signals wearing, which affects its appearance and causes it to degrade faster.

Our professional binding service prevents you from dealing with this problem. We sew most types of carpets and use durable binding material that suits your carpet’s fibre for longevity. Our solution is an effective way to preserve the beauty of your flooring and extend the life of your carpet.

Decorative Area Rugs

Rocha Flooring Inc. will turn carpeting leftovers into stylish area rugs. This way, you can save money on buying new coverings for certain applications. You can place these rugs under the dining table or use them as floor coverings for home furnishings. These additional adornments would surely boost your interior design, and make the most of your carpet cutouts.

We make well-crafted area rugs in different sizes and shapes to suit your unique needs. Use our professional carpet binding solutions to meet all your floor covering needs at home. Call us for inquiries or visit our showroom to check out our wide variety of styles.